Job in the city:5 jobs to start immediately and need no experience


Looking for a job that requires no experience and no educational qualification?

And also, want to join immediately?

Then you are in the right place.

Let’s get started.


We all have faced many similar challenges in life and one of them is when we were in the need of quick money and for that, we had searched the jobs around us that pays almost every day and no delay in start.

Certain jobs are always around us and can be joined right away.  

These jobs are low profile and require basic education and little or no experience.
And the best thing is that these jobs are easy to get, always open and pay you to cash in need.

So if you are ever in need of a job in your city or area and do not mind the profile then pick any job from the below list and start filling your wallet immediately.

These are the best outdoor jobs without a degree and prior experience.

1. Food delivery jobs



If you are looking around for the immediate joining jobs and ready to come out to your home then this is one of the best jobs to get cash daily.

The food delivery market is growing each day so growing the job opportunities.

You always get a job opening here and without having a tough round of interviews and qualifications, grab the job easily.

It doesn’t matter which part of the planet you are living in right now.

Wherever you are living in, either the United States of America or India, you have equal and plenty of opportunities to make money with a food delivery job.

And yes, the best part of this job is, whatever the tips you are getting while delivering the food, all is yours.

Almost all the companies have set the rate for either each delivery or per hour but you can make double of it by getting the tips.


Where to find food delivery jobs? 


It’s not a big deal. 

Wherever you are living in, you already know by various advertisements about the companies that deliver the food at doorsteps. 

Newspaper, TV advertisement, Facebook, and even at the restaurant's main entry point, you can see the companies with which that restaurant has a tie-up.

And for more information, just search on google or Bing to get all the companies to list active in your city.

Once you get to know about the companies then simply go to their websites and either contact them directly or go to the careers section and fill up your details.

Within 24 hours you will get a call to join them.

If you are living in the USA then below are the companies to look for food delivery jobs.

And if you are in India then below are the companies to look for the opportunity.


What is required to join a food delivery job?


Do I need to have my vehicle? 
Do I need to use my mobile and contact number to deal with customers?

The above two are frequently asked questions by food delivery job seekers.

Well, it depends on the company's set of rules and guidelines.

Some of the companies may wish to have your own vehicle and some of them wants you to use company-provided vehicles.

And the same is with a mobile phone.

However, no one wants to use his or her personal contact number, so just buy a SIM in the name of the company and use this number for the customer dealing.

The expenses of your vehicle and mobile phone will be reimbursed by the company.


How much can be earned by a food delivery job?


It depends on country to country.

But this is sure that whatever the country you are working in, you will get the respective amount of money as a salary.

If you are living in the USA then the average pay is around $8–$15 per hour.
And if you are in India, then it could be somewhere between RS. 500 to 800 per day. 

So if anytime you are in the urgent need of money and do not want to join high profile jobs (because high profile jobs can take 2 to 3 months to join) the food delivery job option is the best to get the quick money.  


2. Grocery delivery jobs



Grocery delivery has been popular for the last couple of years and grooming well.

The concept is the same as food delivery but has different in nature.

Whenever a customer places an order for food then it needs to be delivered in 30 minutes or so but for grocery items, this time can vary from 30 minutes to 24 hours.

Grocery items are generally not ordered in quick need but food items are ordered when someone is hungry.

So the job nature is different so the companies.

The terms and conditions are the same as food delivery.

The main difference between a food delivery job and grocery delivery job is the time of delivery.

If you are quick enough, energetic, and wish to make more money with each delivery the food delivery job is the best option for you.

But if you are not in so hurry then grocery delivery can be a good option for you.


How much you can earn by a grocery delivery job?


The answer is almost the same as given in the above food delivery job.

Since the food delivery boy has to reach in a specified time frame to the customer doorstep so there is a better chance to get a good amount of tips from the customer.

But in case of grocery items, rarely any customer is so eagerly waiting for you, so the tip amount is little and you have to live with your salary only.

The earning depends on the country and location and payment policy.

You can make around $8–$15 per hour in the USA.

And INR 500 to 800 per day in India. 

For the rest of the countries, you can make a fair idea. 


What is required to join a grocery delivery job?


Just like food delivery, grocery delivery jobs require the same pre-requisites.

A vehicle to go to the customer doorstep and mobile to contact to the customer.

Again it depends on the company what they provide to you and what they expect from you.
But of course, you should have a driving license.


How to get a grocery delivery job?


It’s not a big deal too.  

As a resident, you already will be getting a lot of sponsored messages to order online grocery.

Just notice, how many of such messages you are receiving.

Collect each company name and go to their website and contact them.

Another way is, just search for “order grocery online” and you will get the desired company name.

Once you know who all are providing the service in your town then you can easily find a job.


3. Retail shop staff jobs


Another available job nearby you that require no formal education and experience is retail shop employee.

A retail shop needs helping staff to serve better the customers. The count of the employee depends on the shop size.

This job can be part-time or full time depending on your agreement or requirement.
Retail shop staff is the simplest and tension free job. 

So if you are looking for a fixed time job, no travel, tension free and nearby the home then this is best suitable for you.

Retail shops are the ocean of jobs and provide almost 50% job alone.

Plenty of options you have around you. Every shop or showroom needs a different type of employee and all these employments do not require any specific qualification only basic education is required.

Electronic consumer product showrooms, clothing showrooms, food shops (pizza, fast-food, continental food, etc.), footwear showrooms, cosmetics showrooms, Coffey houses, restaurants, and bars, etc. are some of the examples.


How much you can earn by a retail shop job?


The salary and incentives are based on country and location but wherever you are working, this job can fulfill your basic needs.

If you are in the USA then the pay for the retail worker is between $12 to $16 per hour.

If you are working in India then you can get monthly INR 15,000 to 30,000.

A notable point here is, pay depends on your experience and capabilities.

If you have previous experience or you can handle multiple tasks then your pay will be certainly more than your fellow worker. 

If you are at the billing counter then you must have a computer operating experience and some previous experience of customer handling. In this case, your payment will be more than the staff member who is just putting the groceries at its place or helping customers to find the right item.


What is required to join a retail shop job?


Retail has different types of requirements so it depends on what type of requirement you are going to apply.

For a billing counter operator, you must have the knowledge of operating a computer and working on software.

For a helper profile (who is just guiding to the customer what item is available at which place), need no experience.

Similarly, other staff members or workers need to have qualities according to the job nature. 


Where to find a retail shop job?


Again, no hard work is required to find retail sales jobs.

Just look around your area you are living in.

You can directly contact the shop owner for the job requirement.

Or if it is not possible to visit then use the internet to find the retail shops nearby you.

You will easily get the contact numbers of your nearby retail shops and then enquire about the vacancies.

90% chances are there that within one week you start working at any nearby retail shop.


4. Logistics jobs



Logistics companies require a good count of support and managing staff employees and delivery boys.

They are always in search of applicants and the openings are always there.
Once a customer places an order online or gets an order from a company, the clocks start ticking.

The staff sitting in the background manages all the orders placed in and delivery boys complete the order by delivering the order at the customer's doorstep.

So to manage larger customers, a logistics company needs employees sitting at office locations as well as traveling and delivery boys.

The employees sitting at the office location and managing the sales and orders have different types of capabilities so require a different level of qualification and experience but here we are talking about easy tasks that do not require any higher qualification.

So based on your education and experience, you can easily get the job here.

Most of the shopping portal companies tie-up with the logistics to deliver the product to the customer’s doorsteps so these companies are always loaded with work.


How much you can earn by logistic staff and delivery boy's jobs?


This sector has plenty of jobs for uneducated and less educated peoples. The logistics company has a variety of work where 80% of manpower is with no formal education.

An uneducated or less educated employee can make around $8 to $15 per hour in the USA.
And in India, it is around INR 500 to 800 per day. 

For other countries, you can make a fair idea. 

What is required to join a logistics job?

You need no experience and formal education if you are joining a low profile job.

For some jobs like managing the records, sales balance sheets, computer operators, etc require qualifications and sometimes experience too.

So just go empty-handed and earn your living.


Where to find a logistics job?


Logistics companies have offices or warehouses in almost all cities.

In one city, you can find multiple logistic companies.

Either through job advertisements or by just having a simple search on the internet you can get the desired job.

If you are searching on the internet then just write “logistics company near me” to search.
Once you get the company website then contact them either on their contact number or fill up your details in the form available in the career section. 


5. App-based cab driver jobs



For the last few years, app-based taxi or cab service has been very popular and this business is growing day by day.

There are many companies that have services worldwide and the good thing is they hire local people to serve that area.

If you know driving and looking at the cab driving jobs at your location then it could be the best option for you.

The need for cheap and easy availability of taxi service opens the doors for bikers to join this business.

So if you have a bike and want to earn this job then you also have the same opportunity as car drivers have.

What is required for a cab driver job?


First and essential is to have a driving license and good hands-on driving.

The secondary requirement is to have a vehicle and a smartphone.

Some companies provide the vehicle on a rent basis so if you do not have the vehicle then it can be very helpful to you.

A separate smartphone is required to get the order alert from the company, to run the navigation application, and to contact the customers.

Whenever a traveler needs a cab he or she check the availability of the cabs in that area and book a cab. Immediately after booking a cab, the driver who is nearest gets booking alert with an option to either take this booking or reject this booking.

When a driver accepts the booking then the traveler gets the booking confirmation message with the cab and driver details.

Now through the navigation system sunning on cab drivers smartphone takes the driver to the traveler location.

And the journey is also covered by the navigation system.

So to all this, you cannot use your personal number and smartphone.


How much you can earn by an app-based cab driving job?


The good thing about app-based cab driving is that you do not have to wait for customers. When one of your travelers is 2-3 minutes away from the destination then you start getting the next booking orders.

So you always get work and earn every minute.

However, the joining to the company is free but there is a fixed charge on every kilometer you drive.

Around 20% to 25% of the money is charged by the app company and rest goes in your pocket.

At the end of the day whatever you earn is a good amount and fulfills your needs for living.


Where to find app-based taxi driving jobs?


It is very easy to find nowadays.

Just search on google about “app-based cab jobs” and you will get the companies in the search result.

There are some common names that I have listed below.

Other than these, there are other companies that are operational in your country and location.

Just search about them and apply for the post.

Above are the best outdoor jobs without a degree and without any experience.

So if you are in the need of a job desperately and like to work around your location then these are the jobs to join quickly.

As a summary the below options you have in your city that pays you well and without much effort.

#1. Food delivery jobs
#2. Grocery delivery jobs
#3. Retail shop staff jobs
#4. Logistics jobs
#5. App-based cab driver jobs



I hope you got it

I really hope you have found the job you were looking for.

And now I’d like to hear from you.

Which job is more suitable to you?


Or did I miss something?.

Or you want to know more about any job.

Let me know by a quick comment below. 



Authored By Pankaj Lakhchaura

Work less, enjoy more.
Let’s have a good living and happy life.
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