Find skills of your passion:5 skills that you can learn at home and beneficial for future earning

If you have good free time or for any reason sitting at home for a certain period of time then this guide is for you.

This guide will cover:

  • Learn interesting skills at home
  • 5 best and free skills to learn
  • How to earn money with these skills
  • Lots more

Let’s get started.



There is a golden statement given by American billionaire Ray Dalio in his book named Principles, “make your passion and your work the same thing.” 


Unfortunately most of us doing what is best to earn money for our living. Our passion and work are different. Isn’t it better to live our passion by working what we like to do? While sitting at home in a good mood we can learn something new which fulfills our passion.


Harvard business reviews have published an article about the benefits of pursuing a passion outside of work which you can read here.

Occasionally or for any reason, if you are at home or free for one or two weeks or more time then it’s better to use this time to learn something new which is according to your hidden or natural talent.

This learning is not only easy but also adds another feather on your cap which you can use to have another source of income. 

Although most of us know our passion or work which keeps us happy while doing it but some of us may need to find out our real passion. If you are one of them then there is a good article to find out your interest.

5 Skills for 5 different interests which you can learn at home 

learning at home


I am taking top 5 interests or passions which a majority of peoples have.

Below are the 5 passions which I will be guiding in detail.


1. Writing - Story writing, book writing on a specific subject, poem, or rhymes writing. 

2. The public appearance or Entertainment - Singing, dancing, advising, preaching, comedy, and other types of entertainment or public figure activities.

3. Teaching - Academic subjects or professional courses.

4. Drawing or painting - Drawing, designing, painting, or playing with colors.

5. Photography - Clicking photos and shooting videos.


Don’t worry, I am not going to tell you about those suggestions which are very common and found everywhere.  My focus is to make you learn those skills which you can learn in a period of 1 or 2 weeks and fulfill your passion too.

Let’s pick each passion one by one and get the best learning for that passion.


1- Writing

The benefit of learning writing skills

You have great opportunities if you love writing in any form.

You love writing stories or rhymes, love to write on a specific topic or have a good command on any subject and want to write a book then within a very short time you can publish your book and make it available to sell for the public.

Amazon and eBay are two big names that give you an opportunity to sell your books.

You just have to write the book contents on your laptop or iPad or computer and the same soft copy need to submit to sell. Amazon and eBay put your book contents as an eBook for sale.

You can earn up to 70% of royalty on each sell of your eBook.

If you love writing then you can make it your career as a professional writer.

Here is excellent information about professional writing.


Do not let this opportunity go if you like writing. You can write anything, a novel, a series of stories, food recipes, travel guide and your autobiography too. 

What skills are required to write an eBook?

Since you already have a passion for writing so only the skill you need to know is how to decorate your book contents so that reader enjoys while reading and also the contents fit best for the mobile devices.

Amazon needs the content for its well-known device Kindle and calls it Kindle direct publishing.

Kindle eBook


You need only one week of time to learn what all needed to know to write an eBook and make money from it.

Amazon does not take any money from you and provide the platform absolutely free.

Amazon has provided a complete guide to start writing here.

So just go to the above link and get all the information required to prepare the contents of eBook and live your passion.

A similar platform is provided by eBay to sell the eBooks (Amazon kindle is more popular than eBay) 

2- Public appearance or entertainment skills

The benefit of learning public appearance or entertainment skills

If you are one of the lucky people who want to show your talent to the world or entertain the world then you have a good opportunity to make money while living your passion.

You need only one week to learn the basics of presentation skills and then to make videos of your talent.

A great and best platform is waiting for you to earn a good income with your talent videos. is free and best to create your own channel and upload your videos and make money.

You can earn unlimited by your talent and your popularity can touch new heights.

What skills are required to create videos for YouTube?

The main skill is the talent you have. If you are passionate about your creativity then only you need to learn the below basic skills to make good quality and attractive videos for your audience.


Simple and easy way to make videos for YouTube


1. Record your videos with your mobile or laptop – Just record videos on your mobile and do not worry about editing. Everyone who makes videos do not upload directly to YouTube instead work on proper editing first. Editing means removing unwanted voice or noise, remove unwanted parts of the video, etc. or add audio separately.


2. Edit your video – This is the important part. Most of the newcomers do not know the proper way to do it so their videos remain unimpressive which results in disappointments. I am telling a free, simple, and best software to edit your videos.  OpenShot video editor is a powerful and easy tool to edit the videos. So you have to learn how to use this tool to make your videos more impressive.


      openshot video editor


3. Create a YouTube channel- Now when you are ready with your videos, upload it to your YouTube channel. Creating a YouTube channel is a one-time task and very easy and takes only 5 minutes. Give a suitable and impressive name for your channel and ready to enjoy the stardom and income.

3- Teaching

The benefit of learning teaching or instructor skills

If you are passionate about teaching and have well command on a subject either the academic subject or professional course then you have an excellent opportunity to follow your passion and also make money from it.

Nowadays millions of peoples are enhancing their knowledge and to get this knowledge they purchase online courses. 

There are two types of online teaching, one is live classes where teachers and students are connected at the same time and the other one is, students, watch or download the videos recorded earlier.

Online classes are good for them who can adapt it for full time but here I am talking about your teaching videos which require only a small amount of time. provides you an excellent opportunity to live your dreams and fulfill your teaching passion.


Online teaching


Just make a complete video of any topic and upload it to Now each time a student purchases to watch your video you will get the money by 

There are other websites like You can also join them and sell the same video there so your one video can make you earn many ways.

And yes, you can teach in any language so language is not a constraint.


What skills are required to be a teacher or an instructor?  

The main skill or talent is to have a good command on any topic which you already have so now only one skill you need to learn is how to arrange or present this knowledge before students so that they get engaged with the subject and get the knowledge what they want. provides you the knowledge so that you can make a quality video. 
Click here  and you will see the screen (as shown above) to start the teaching or instructor journey. 

Now click Become an Instructor button and follow each step.

In a week of time, you will be ready with your teaching video. pays you monthly. For all other details please read the relevant information on website.

The below image shows you the topics options available to teach on So choose the topic which you are proficient in.

Teaching language

4- Visual editing and designing

Benefits of learning visual editing and designing

First of all, let me tell you what is visual editing and design.

Below are some scenarios which come under visual editing and designing.

1. Restoring old or torn photographs.

 photo restore


2. Giving special effects to images.

3. Manipulating the images – changing the background, etc. so that an illusion gives them a new identity.

4. Clipping or cropping the images.

The above all are very interesting things to do and part of visual editing.

Once you have the skills then you can earn a good income by working for schools, organization (almost all IT companies have designers) and a freelancing site like Fiverr

What skills are required to learn for visual editing and designing?

You need to learn the one and best tool which fulfills all types of visual editing requirements. This tool's name is Photoshop.

Adobe Photoshop is the best software and a free trial version is available to use.


photoshop to edit photos


Just download the trial version and learn to use this. Later on, if you find it useful then I will suggest you purchase the license as this is a very powerful software for all of the editing and designing requirements.

The license cost is just $20.99 which is too cheap for this software.

To learn how to use this software, a complete tutorial with videos is available here.


5- Photography 

Benefits of learning Photography

Everyone loves clicking photos and now when we have powerful smartphones with powerful cameras then clicking photos and shooting videos is quite easy and fun.

If you click quality photos or shoot videos then you can have great memories of your friends and families and also if you want to make money by selling the photos and videos then you can earn good income with this talent.

No matter you are passionate to click your friends and family photos or want to be a professional photographer, photography skills are great to have and useful for a lifetime.

You can make money by selling your photos and videos. I have explained in detail in my other article how you can make money by selling photos and videos.


What skills are required to be a good photographer?

The best thing is that today our smartphone cameras and DSLRs are loaded with much more advanced features which makes photography simple and easy.

But at the same time, the disadvantage is, most of the passionate photographers are happy to use these advanced features without learning the basics of photography and the result is that they even do not know the captured photo is overexposed or underexposed. 
You need to learn the below skills to be a good photographer.

  1. How to capture balanced exposed photos. Photos should not be either underexposed or overexposed.
  2. How to keep the object in focus. Sometimes you need the front image in focus and sometimes the background or sometimes both on the same level.
  3. Blur effect. How to use the zooming to make a background out of focus or in focus with blurring effect.
  4. Manage to light. You must know how much light should enter the camera lenses for the required scenario. In technical terms, lighting managed by aperture and shutter speed (A basic feature of a DSLR).
  5. Capturing moving object. Again this is achieved by aperture and shutter speed.


The above are some basic skills that need to learn to every passionate photographer.

Start doing what you like

I hope my above guide has inspired you to live your dreams.

You may want to tell me about your passion

Or which skill you have started to learn

Or If I have missed something which you wish to know.

I am expecting to know how you got benefitted with this special guide.


Whatever you have in your mind,

let me know by giving a quick comment below.



Authored By Pankaj Lakhchaura

Work less, enjoy more.
Let’s have a good living and happy life.
Images used are taken from


Very inspiring
This post seems to much related with today's situation when everyone at home due to the COVID 19. Anyway very nice post on what we can learn and use this time.
I would like to be a english vocal teacher to ladies who are from hindi medium and face problem now

You can watch spoken english courses online. A good website is go to this website and search "english". You will see a lot of spoken english courses there.

Other than udemy, YouTube has a lot of videos on english learning.

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