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An introduction to food critic career

What is food critic job

Very few jobs are so exciting, energetic, and dynamic like a food critic. 

Travel, food, TV shows what else you need in a job?

A food critic is also known as a restaurant critic and does the following as part of his job.

  1. Visit restaurants and events and analyze each and everything about that restaurant or event. Food taste, serving staff behavior, restaurant management, way of treating to customers, food price, and even cleanliness of the place.
  2. Writing the review of the restaurant in newspaper or magazine columns or digital platforms. Popular food critic gets opportunities to host the show on TV and other social platforms like YouTube channel etc.
  3. Present honest, real, and unbiased reviews before the public.
  4. Provide the photographs of the food and restaurant as an evidence 
  5. Taking interviews with industry experts and event organizers 


A food critic’s most of the time engaged in writing articles or making presentations.

Tasting the food and reviewing the restaurant’s atmosphere has no value if it does not reach the audience in the same as it’s needed to be.

So the most important part is writing skills.

In fact, a critic’s 60% time is consumed in writing and 30% to 40% or even less time is spent on food or restaurant visits or other activities.

If you are an aspiring food critic then you must have professional writing skills. 

Most of the food critics were professional writers initially and started earning their living with professional writing.   

An excellent article is available here on professional writing.

To write unbiased and original reviews, food critics do not reveal their identity to the restaurant.

If a food critic reveals his or her identity, the Restaurant can give special treatment or put indirect pressure (such as free food or drink) to make the reviews in the favor of the restaurant.

So to keep the professionalism a food critic never does such activities which affect his profession and public trust both.

Some well-known critics who often hosts TV shows or whose posts published with their photo are exceptions because they become the public figure and gets special attention and free food and drink often.

How to become a food critic

How to become food critic

What qualifications are required to be a food critic?
What skills are required to be a food critic?

These are often asked queries by the food critic aspirants that seem the same but meaning is different.

Good thing is that no formal degree or diploma required to be a food critic but of course skills required.

The below skills are required to be a food critic.

1- Writing skills

Food critics most of the time goes in writing and presenting.

The UK based famous food critic Jay Rayner once said in an interview that food critic job is nothing but writing.

"Tasting the food is a little time work and all other time I keep writing. This is the topmost skill needed to be a food critic." 

How will you communicate with your audience if you are a food critic?

To express the dining experience and make the audience fully understand what you wish to say, there is no other way than writing.

Without having a professional writing skill, it is almost impossible to be a good food critic.

You can read here one of the reviews written by Jay Rayner for the newspaper The Guardian.  
Some food critic aspirants prefer to have a journalism degree.

However, it is not mandatory to have but can be beneficial to increase your skills, and sometimes you can get weightage of it while searching for the job.  

2- Communication skills

After writing skills, communication is another must to have skill for a food critic.

Like writing skills, communication skill is also required to express the dining experience with the audiences.

However, at the beginning of your career, you will not have much exposure to verbal communication but as you get experience and your career grows then you definitely have to communicate verbally with your audience.

Since excellent communication skills can’t be learned in a short time so you need to keep learning and prepare yourself for the future requirement so that you can take your profession to a new height.

As a beginner food critic, most of your work will be related to writing articles for newspapers, magazines, and online portals.

But as you have sharpness in your thoughts, you will get an offer to shoot videos for TV shows and digital platforms where communication skills are must to have. 

Interviewing the industry experts, restaurant owners and event organizers on or off-camera need excellent communication skills.

If your communication skills are perfect then you have to prepare yourself for only how to face the camera or how to present yourself.

Otherwise, you are going to miss this opportunity.

3- Cooking passion

A food critic needs to go into the nitty-gritty of the food.

Food critic’s role is not just to tell the good or bad taste of the food but it’s much more than that.
Cooking style, the ingredient used, the proximity of ingredients, flavor of the cuisine, special or unique taste for what cuisine is known and all other details need to observe when examining food.

It’s very difficult for a critic to write his observation about the food if he or she does not know the cooking or the cuisine detail for what he or she is writing about.

So a food critic is a good cook too. 

When a food critic is planned to go for a particular cuisine, he or she must get detailed information about the cuisine.

Well-known critics do not rely on theoretical know-how.

They first try the dish for at least 2 or 3 times at different places so that they can know the real taste.

They talk to expert chefs and collect crucial information which makes that cuisine special and unique.

Once they reach a final conclusion and taste about a dish or cuisine with enough details like the origin of the dish, ingredient, side dishes, and other details then they decide to go to a restaurant to review.

If you are not passionate about food then you can’t enjoy getting the food details.

And if you do not go deeper, your knowledge will be limited and with limited knowledge how can you tell your audience the details of the dish or cuisine?

So passionate about cooking or cuisine is must to have a talent for food critic job.  

How to get a food critic job

How to get job


Recruitment advertisements for food critic jobs are published from time to time on newspapers and media company’s websites. 

Online job portals are a good source to find the food critic's jobs.

And the third source is freelancer’s websites.

Print media and electronic media both have websites.

However, they advertise about the requirements in the newspaper and electronic media but if you can’t follow the same then visit their websites and in the career, section look for the profile you are looking for.

This is the most trusted and easy way to find job requirements.

The second option to look for the food critic’s job is online job portals.

Recruiters often provide the job requirements in job portals to reach the maximum and get the best.

See the below requirement which was published in
recruiters advertisement


Freelancer’s portals are another great source of getting the food critic job.

Many food critics get regular work from freelancer portals and sometimes get big opportunities if the client likes the work.

Many food critics got permanent jobs through freelance work.

The customer for which they were working was associated with the same company and after getting excellent work as a freelancer the customer decided to offer them the permanent food critic role.

Other money-making options for food critics

money making options


Very few professions are as multi-skilled as a food critic.

This multi-skill opens the doors of multiple opportunities.

If you do not get that respect and money as expected in the food critic profession 

Or want to change the profession

Or want to earn extra while doing the job

Then you have excellent other ways to make money by using your skillset.

A food critic is a multi-talented person so have other excellent options to make money either as a full-time job or side earning. 

5 excellent other ways to make money for food critics


The below are the top 5 other ways.  

  1. Own a restaurant
  2. YouTube channel about cooking tips
  3. Write food blog 
  4. Become a professional writer       
  5. Launch Mobile app about city-wise restaurants menu, taste, and reviews

Let us go into the detail of each option.

1- Own a restaurant

This is one of the best options but needs initial investment.  

If you have money to invest then think big and start a business for you and your next generation.

To be a business owner, the basic and most important requirement is to know the business. 
A food critic knows the nitty-gritty of the cuisine,  restaurant management, and other details that delights the customers and necessary part of a restaurant. 

So if your food critic profession doesn’t go well or you change your mood to do something different or desire to have your own business then this is the best way to not only earn well but have your own business.

2- YouTube channel about cooking tips

YouTube is a good earning source in today’s time. 

Your expertise in cooking, serving food, and anticipating customer choice can make your presence popular among food lovers.

Make videos on cooking different dishes, cuisines, and unique impact of each spice in the food.

Food lovers love to watch easy recipes of popular dishes that they can try at home and tastes the same as a popular restaurant's specialty.

Cooking and food channels are the third most popular subjects which are watched on YouTube.

Starting a YouTube channel is easy and needs no investment. 


3- Write food blogs

Blogging has been an easy and excellent money-making method for the last few years.

A new blogger's main worry is to find a subject on which they can write and have expertise in that.

A lot of bloggers every year quits blogging because what they were writing was not there area so do not get success.

You are lucky to have the expertise in that area which is very popular and evergreen.

Launch your food blog and learn some tips to promote it.

For earning, you can either show google adds or can join affiliate programs.

4- Become a professional writer

Plenty of opportunities available to make money with writing jobs. 

You can read in detail here for all professional writing options.

In short, below are some top options to earn for professional writers.

Write ebooks (or books) and earn as an author. 

An easy way to become an author is to write an ebook for amazon kindle.

A similar platform is provided by eBay and other portals. 

Get a full time or part-time job

Skilled writers are in high demand.

IT companies, manufacturing companies, and other industries require skilled writers for different posts. 

A lot of freelancers work is available online.    

Scriptwriter or dialogue writer

This is another exciting career option.
Your creativity and writing skills can make you reach new heights.

5- Launch mobile app 

This is a fresh idea and well suited for a person who has cuisine and restaurant experience.

What all you have to do is, launch a mobile app which helps people to decide which restaurant to visit for what type of food and how much it will cost and other details.

Let me explain how it works.

If you are planning to have dinner outside and looking for a restaurant that serves best a particular dish then what you will do?

Search on the internet? 


And when you find the restaurant then try to read the feedback about that.

But most of the feedback is either fake or outdated or does not give detailed information.

Now, if we have an app on our mobile and that app shows you all the restaurant of our city or location and their dishes honest reviews, prices, and other details then wouldn't it be great.

Just like a food critic, you have to provide the details of location wise restaurants in the app and keep it updated.

Believe me, if you adopt this idea then this app would be a must to have for every smartphone.



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Authored By Pankaj Lakhchaura

Work less, enjoy more.
Let’s have a good living and happy life.
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