Part-time jobs for students: What to do versus what not to do (2020)

This is a comprehensive guide for students who are looking for part-time jobs in 2020.

In this guide I’ll cover:

  • Awareness about misleading information
  • Jobs that are not for students
  • Online and offline jobs that suit best
  • Real, trusted and legit jobs to make quick money
  • Weekend jobs and free time jobs
  • Lots more

So if you are a student and looking for part-time jobs or weekend jobs then this guide is for you.


Let’s get started.




There is a famous saying that “a patient loves doctors”. That means a needy person loves to hear anything about that can fulfill his or her requirement.

We want to believe if someone says that he or she can solve our problem if we follow the method that he or she is suggesting.

Yes, few people on this planet love to help others but they are like a god (only a few luckiest can find them) but others are humans and they are out to solve their problems of livelihood, not others.

A lot of scams and fraudulent activities and schemes are active in the market that is in search of needy people to whom they can trap.

Every year young students steps into the colleges and most of them are away from their home, city, and country.

It’s a general requirement of most of the students to do something for their expenses to pay.
And for the same, the first option for a student is to search the internet.

Thousands of fraudsters and moneymakers are waiting for you to come to the internet world and without showing their faces they can make money from you.

Other than fraudsters, bloggers are equally responsible to ruin the student’s lives. 

what not to do

I hate most of the suggestions posted by bloggers and the reason is either most of the suggestions or methods are far from reality or not for the students.

I was searching the internet for the ways to make money for the students and found that thousands of blogs are there but no one cares about the students. The bloggers even do not remember their college days.

If they had once gone to their old memories of college days then might have understood the need and desperation of the students.

A lot of silly suggestions are there like to pick the dog poops. 


Are you out of your mind?

If peoples hate to pick up their dog poops then it cannot be a certainly respectful job for a student.

A student is looking for a part-time job and not a beggar so don’t treat them like that.

This is fine that some business-minded people have started this business but they own this business and they are not living a student’s life. If they are happy to do it then it’s their choice but suggesting to a student this type of job is simply exploitation.

Similarly, there are other money-making ideas that are not only silly but also either known to everyone or not for the students.

Students know these ways very well and if they are searching on the internet that means they are looking for something realistic, legit, and make money in a short period and also a respectful way to make money.

I know most of the students are well aware of the money-making tactics and frauds online but still, a lot of students faces money crunch situation every year and they start searching the internet for the options.

If you are a student then the below money making ways are not for you. Some of the money-making ways are for the long term and some are either not real or do not pay you any money after working hard.


Money making ways that are not for students

stop wasting time


Below are the money-making ways that are not for students.

1. Make money with YouTube


In today’s time, it will take you 2 to 3 years to get money from YouTube.

This is a money-making way for the long term.

There are multiple challenges to earn with YouTube.

1. You can’t devote so much of time. You have to choose a niche (subject) on which you can make videos.

You have to be well expertise in that subject and making useful and attractive videos takes time. A student cannot devote so much time because you have to make many videos on the same subject to build the viewership.

2. According to the YouTube terms and conditions of monetization, you need to have 1000 subscribers in a year and 4000 hours of views on your channel.

This is not an easy task (at least if you are looking for money in a short time). Let’s assume your channel is going well and you have enough time to make videos and the niche you have chosen for the channel is awesome still you have to wait for at least a year to be monetized, as per the guidelines YouTube will check your last one-year performance (1000 subscribers and 4000 hours viewership).

3. The money you get from monetization is not much. As an average, YouTubers get $3 for 1000 video views. So that way if you calculate then if have 1000 views per day which is a good viewership (however some popular channels get much more) then monthly you have 30000 views. So your approximate earning is $90 per month that is not so promising.

Other than google AdSense monetization, you can monetize with affiliate marketing but that is also not so easy.

4. To make your own space is not easy. YouTube is flooded with almost all types of videos on every topic so selecting a unique niche for your channel is not so easy.

5. However, if you are not in hurry and as a hobby you want to give a try then it is good. You may see a good performance of your channel till you come out of your college.

2. Start your blog or website


This way is also for the future not present. Starting a blog or website needs the same attention as a YouTube channel.

To start a blog and then start earning will not take less than 3 years.
Almost all websites are suggesting it the best money making method for students but in reality, it is not.

Below are the challenges to make money with your blog or websites.

1. You cannot earn till 3 years. Blogging or website can make you earn when there is good traffic to your website. To attract visitors, you need to have good quality content. To write this content you need time. Also, if anyhow, you can manage the time, still it will take a lot of time for your website to reach people.

2. It’s a full-time job to write on a topic. If you own a website then you need to write an article almost every week.

Writing an article that has something unique on the same topic every time is not so easy. It needs research, the requirement of the public, and your presentation skill. A normal article can be lost easily in the ocean of the internet.

3. Selecting a niche is not easy. Thousands of websites are already struggling to be on the top of the internet search result. Whatever the niche you select for your blog that would be already taken up by the thousands of bloggers and many of them would be serious full-time bloggers.

4. There is much to do than writing. Do you know, the active bloggers have a lot of experience with them on how to write a search engine friendly post? They have not learned this overnight. It took them a lot of time and gradually they have learned this skill over time.

A lot of names are there that need to focus on to bring your written material in front of the internet visitors. SEO (search engine optimization), keywords finding, generating backlinks, etc. are few well-known names used on this planet to find more visitors and to be visible on the internet search.


3. Develop a mobile App


Again far from the truth.

Yes, this is true that your one unique idea can make you a millionaire but that happens with few lucky peoples.

Developing an android or iPhone App cannot make you a millionaire overnight.

There are some big challenges to face to make money with mobile Apps.

1. You need to know the coding and the basics of programming. If coding is not the part of your study then it’s not easy to learn to program and get the expertise to that extent to launch an app.

2. Choosing a subject or niche is not easy. If you know programming then the first hurdle is cleared but the second hurdle is more difficult to cross.

You have to offer something best to the public through your app so that the public starts using it. Also, you must have expertise on that topic else it’s sure to fail. Just like the YouTube channel or website, in these fields also a lot of Apps are available on each subject. Each coder who knows Android or IOS programming has at least one app in google play store or Apple store. 

3. Promotion is not easy. If you have cleared the first 2 hurdles then you have to reach the maximum peoples and for that promotion or advertisement required. And for the promotion, you require money and time both.

A lot of apps are lost every year in the absence of the promotion.

4. This is not a quick money making method. You must have understood now the hard work and time required to launch an App. But yes, if you have an interest in programming and not in hurry to get the money then it could be a great idea for future investment and business ideas.


4. Voice-over artist


Again, this is not something to start with and then start earning. 

In a normal scenario, a voice-over artist starts making money after 2-3 years of hard work.

Here is a full article on how to start for Voice-over career and what to do to make a successful career.

There are some investments to be made initially to set up the studio at home and then to learn the nitty-gritty of the art.

When you think that you are ready to work then need to search the jobs online (offline voice-over jobs are there but they are available only for experienced and big-budget jobs).

You have to upload your sample videos to show to clients so that they can assign you the work after getting impressed with sample videos.

Now, after doing all the above, you can be a victim of scams.

So, if voice-over is your hobby then keep yourself preparing and learning but do not expect quick money from it.

It’s a full-time job and needs a lot of time and hard work to invest.

5. Become A cuddlier


A cuddlier work is giving a human touch to another human by hugging or by any other way to make the person feel better.

What a bad idea of hugging and cuddling with strangers. 

You are not meeting a single stranger only but to make money you have to do this daily with new strangers.

This is not good for your health and safety.  Imagine if one day you met a stranger who is suffering from a serious illness and the disease is transmittable then you can imagine how dangerous it could be for your life.

So please avoid these types of money-making ideas. Your health and respect are more important than a little money you are earning.

6. Sell your stuff


You can make money one time by selling your stuff that is not in use but what after that?
Also, these are the idea’s a student or needy person already has.

So there is no point to suggest to sell your stuff to get money. 

If a student is expecting the ideas then certainly he or she is wise enough and already have done the efforts to arrange money.

As a matter of fact, most of the students are living alone so do not have much stuff to sell. Whatever a student has that is according to the requirement and a rare possibility to sell out.

I have seen a lot of crazy ideas that suggest that you can make money by selling your hairs, sperm or eggs, blood plasma, class notes, etc. but how much money you can make and how many times?

7. Babysitting, Petsitter, House sitting jobs


Do you really think that a student has so much time to do these types of jobs?
A student's primary and main task is to gain knowledge and for that, he or she needs to work hard.

Attending classes, completing home assignments, revising the course, and other tasks are there to do. 

And ultimately, a student is a human being too. A day has only 24 hours and to be healthy you need 7-8 hours of sleep.

When we wake up after a night's sleep, we require at least 2-3 hours to freshen up and other routine tasks after that we can start working.  

So a student has around 12 hours to work and in these 12 hours, the main focus is on the study.

Here is the main point to note. 

Remember our college days, we were young, energetic, and wanted to enjoy our life in our own ways.

We had friends and liked to enjoy with friends.

Also, a worry for the next day in the class, assignment to complete, session exams to prepare and exam dates were coming closure.

So as a student we do not have much time and expecting a long hour’s job from a student is a crime.

Babysitting jobs, pet sitter jobs, and house sitting jobs and all other similar jobs need a lot of time and a student cannot afford this.

Above all the jobs and start-ups are good for future earning but if a student is expecting early money to pay his expenses then it’s a total waste of time, energy, and money.

However, if you are not in the quick need of money then these can be great ways of (at least some of the ways) starting the foundation for future business.  

Utilizing your free time and enjoying your passion, you can grow your learning and business both so that when you are out of college already a business platform is ready and you will be far ahead than others in that area.


What a student should do to make money in part-time

students money making ways


You require a part-time money making method that can pay daily or weekly or monthly by just utilizing 1-2 hours daily or full day on a weekend or so.

Full day or night can be worked once in a week or if working daily then 1 to 2 hours or both can be done simultaneously.

Some jobs are nearby you and need the physical presence and some are online that can be done at home by just having an internet connection.

First, let us talk about online money making ways and later offline money making ways that can be found nearby to the residential place.


Best paying part-time jobs for students (online)


Best paying online jobs for students


1. Data entry or typing jobs


A lot of online portals are available that offer data entry jobs but trust is a big concern. A lot of websites are there that do not pay after completion of the work.

So a breach of trust is a major issue that everyone is facing today because fraudsters are active worldwide and they are earning money by just taking advantage of needy and kind-hearted peoples.

But don’t worry, here whatever we are suggesting you are risk-free, scam free and legitimate and pay every penny what you have earned.

There are mainly three trusted websites that pay worldwide. However, these portals are not only for data entry jobs but they offer plenty of work on data entry or typing.

and Fiverr is the best and trusted portals that provide data entry jobs.


2. Writing jobs


Complete a writing assignment and get paid within a week, this kind of writing jobs are best for students. 

The below portals are topmost on this planet to make you income for your writing.

freelancewriting - Dedicated to only writing jobs. This is a freelance website and the client fixes the assignment rate.

cracked - This can pay you $100 for a blog. One of the best portal to get paid nicely.

better-humans - They always in search of fresh blog posts. They can pay you up to $500 for an article. The best paying website for writing.

contena - Another best writing job provider. Part-time and full time both types of jobs are available. - write short but paid well. You need to submit your true stories here and if selected then you can make up to $100 per story.

3. Complete Simple tasks


A lot of simple tasks are there that are a good source of income. 

Amazon mTurk - is a popular and trusted platform that offers plenty of simple tasks (professional tasks too, of course) that can make you earn good.

Just register yourself and select the tasks and on completion, get the money to your bank account.

Other than Amazon, microworkers, clickworker, Fiverr is also good portals to offer this kind of simple and professional tasks.

4. Review Software


Well, this can be fun while making money. You need to install software on your laptop and use its feature. Based on your opinion, write your reviews.

You can do this while doing something else in parallel.

softwarejudge - You can earn up to $50 per review. The software here is not so big and can be reviewed in a short time, approximately 1-3 hours.

The best thing is if they do not like your review still they pay you but the amount will be too less. 

5. Online surveys


Online surveys have been very popular among those who want to earn quickly by doing nothing. Yes, surveys are conducted to get public opinion and whatever you choose is considered an opinion.

So nothing goes wrong here.

But scammers are active here. They know everyone wants to make money with little effort so your single mistake can lose your hard-earned money or precious time.

Below are some portals that are popular and trusted for survey jobs.


6. Website and apps review


In a 10 or 20 minutes spare time, you can make $10. 

usertesting has a variety of websites and apps to review and for each review, you can get up to $10.

Again, here you have to spend only a few minutes so in parallel you can do other tasks that can pay you to double.

7. Search and earn


One of the best money-making methods that take no time and no additional knowledge required because you already do it and that is using search engines.

You already would be using Google, Yahoo, Bing, and Amazon, and wouldn’t it be interesting if we earn money by searching on these search engines.

qmee - This website offers you to make money by searching and in return rewards you.

Other than searching, qmee offers other money-making opportunities like online surveys and shop and earn. Just explore this website.


8. Sell photos and videos


Well, I would say that this is not the quick money-making way but if you love photography or love to click photos and shoot videos with your smartphone then could be a good way of earning.

Nowadays, the smartphone is the necessity of us and since the camera is an essential part of a smartphone and we keep clicking often. 

It doesn’t matter whether we like photography or not, we use our smartphone to click when something found worthy.

So, what’s the harm to sell the photographs which we have clicked as fun?

Below are top websites to sell photos and videos and make money.


Shutterstock is the leader in the market and free. Here is the detail to read more about it.


9. Own an online retail shop


This is another good option to make money as a commission in sales. Whenever apparel will be sold online, you will get your commission

To make money on each sale, you have to just put a design on apparel so that it looks attractive to the customers. If your designed (you can call it logo) apparel is purchased by someone then you get your commission up to 40% of the apparel price.

teespring is the portal where you can create your online store and by just adding a logo on apparel, can put the apparel in your store to sale. Everything is done by teespring ( providing you the apparel, putting on sale for customers, dispatching to customers, collecting cash from customers, etc.) and you just get your commission.

You can read here to know more about how it works.

Two other portals offer the same service. Explore the below options.

In fact, your one logo or design can be used at all portals and make money. So just use your imagination to create a stunning design and put on sale on all three websites. Your single design makes you good money.


10. Affiliate marketing


Affiliate marketing is the best and loved money making method today. All you have to do is advertise a product and on sale of it get a commission. 

It can be done in many ways. You can suggest the product on your social media platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, etc. or if you have any website then put the product there.
When someone clicks the product and buys at the same time or later then you will get the commission.

One of the popular platforms that offer a good commission on the product is Amazon.

There are other product seller which offers good commission on each sale. 

Best paying part-time jobs for students (offline)
Weekend jobs for students

offline money making ways for students


1. Instrument player


You can earn well by using your talent. There is some all-time favorite selling talent that you can sell around 100 meters of your living area.

if you are a good instrument player then you just need to tell a couple of peoples about your talent or by just a little advertisement you can get multiple offers of instrument player teacher.

You can choose to teach on weekends or daily based on your free time. You can teach your students in a group or teach personally that depends on you.


2. Dancer


This is another favorite passion of many peoples.

Kids and ladies like to get coaching from the nearest location of their home.

If you are an expert in any type of dance then it’s time to Ancash it.  


3. Language teacher


Few luckiest people have this opportunity.

If you know a second language and that is in demand then you have lifelong money-making talent.

Language teaching is one of the best profession that never goes off.

Chose it as a part-time or full-time profession that suits you.


4. Personal trainer


If you are fond of physical fitness and your body is in good shape then you can be a trainer.

Just learn the basics of physical fitness and you are ready to be a personal trainer.

However, if time allows then you can join a gym as a coach but since your main focus is the study so daily 1-2 hours job is possible so the personal trainer can be a good choice.

You do not have to go far for this job. Most of the time you can find the job in a 100-meter radius of your residence. 


5. Yoga Instructor


This is one of the popular fitness programs that are in practice nowadays and growing every day.

Yoga came from India and has been proved very useful in today’s lifestyle. If you already practice Yoga then just enhance your skill by learning basics to teach others.

Just use daily 1-2 hours and with your Yoga practice teach others.

People prefer morning time for Yoga so while doing Yoga for yourself train others, this way you need no extra time to your Yoga instructor job.

6. Occasional Photographer


Photography and videography in various types of events can make you good money.

However, this is not a 1 -2 hours job but at the same time, it’s not a regular job. That means you have to work a day or night in a week or a month. 

You can easily manage the time as it’s not regular. 

There is various type of events for which organizer looking for a photographer. Some of them are marriages, birthdays. Office parties, school, or college events.

One event can make you earn so well that it can fulfill your money requirement for at least a month.

So if every month you get one such event then your college days are going to be luxurious.


It's Your Turn

I really hope you got benefitted by this guide.

I am sure you may have some questions to ask


Something to tell.

Did I understand well the problem faced by you as a student?


missed something?

Either way, let me know by leaving a quick comment below.

keep studying and be focused.

Good luck!



Authored By Pankaj Lakhchaura

Work less, enjoy more.
Let’s have a good living and happy life.
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You have nailed it man... Great information. Just completed my education and now working with a good organization but 4 years ago I was desperately looking for an earning way in my part time and that time I had searched the entire web and what all I found was silly suggestions. I had wasted a lot time and from my experience I can say that you have explained it in a better way.

Most of the websites are managed by bloggers and their purpose is to write maximum so that they can be on top of search engines. A student has limited time to invest and can not wait too long to get the cash but most of the money making methods which we found are not relevant for the students.

Thanks a lot for this awareness post. I hope now students can decide what to do and what not.

Eye opener...

Excellent awareness post. Everyone is suggesting thousands of money making ways but not dare to say the correct one.

Interesting one. Good observations.

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