Earn extra money from home: Open your own online retail shop without investment (Simple and legitimate)

This is the best way to make an income from home without any investment.

I will tell you how you can open your own online retail store and make money online from home with fun and a little bit of creativity. 

In this comprehensive guide I’ll cover:

  • How to open your own online retail shop without investment
  • How to work from home and earn extra income
  • How to receive payment in your bank account
  • And much more

So if you want to earn money from home without any investment and with little bit of creativity and lots of fun then you will love this guide.

Let’s get started.

Earn from home - introduction

Thousands of peoples are earning good from home without doing much efforts which I am going to tell you. All you have to do is follow my proven guide to make extra money without having knowledge of designing and marketing.


Open your own online retail shop free of cost

Nothing can be better than opening your own online apparel retail store without spending any money and make money from home with your mobile or laptop.

Do not worry, if you are thinking that how I can make the apparel available to sell when I have nothing to invest.

The way I am going to tell you is absolutely free.

Well, the method to earn a good income which I am going to tell you here is very easy and legitimate.

You will get the apparel free of cost and what you have to do is, using your imagination or creativity to make the apparel attractive so that people buy them.

You need to just think of a logo or text or combination of both for apparel like t-shirt, pillow cover, bed sheet, etc. and make the image of this imagination and upload.

So basically you need to design the logo for the apparel and put the apparel to sell at your online retail store.

So only one task you have to do and that is to design the logo. Again, logo designing is available free. You can design an awesome logo for apparel in just 1 or 2 hours.

You have to do only the logo designing part to make money all other tasks like selling to customers and then dispatching the order etc. will be done by someone else.

Teespring.com provides the opportunity to open your own online retail store and make money from home without investing anything. This website manages everything and provides you everything so that you can earn a good income from home without any target.


So here what you are doing is, you are putting your design on an apparel (which Teespring.com is providing free) and putting this apparel in your store to sell. When people visits Teespring.com then they can see your designed product with your store brand name and can buy it.

Teespring.com do all the formalities like taking payment from customers, dispatching the items to the customers etc. and you get your profit in your bank account without doing anything other than designing the logo. 

Cool isn’t it?


Work from home with your mobile or laptop

You just need to have a mobile or laptop and internet connection. If you have internet on your mobile that will also do the job. So if you do not have the laptop then mobile will serve the purpose.

In you mobile or laptop browser, you have to open the website teespring.com and in 2 or 3 simple steps your online retail store will be ready to sell the apparel.

To create the logo or design, you need to download one designing app on your mobile. There are many apps available that are absolutely free and provides you free images and logos. I have selected one app Logo maker for you. If you have an android mobile then go to play store and in the search box write logo maker. You will see the below app in the search result.

How to search design app on mobile

Click the app and install it. If you have iPhone then please install it from the Apple store. If this app is not available then there are other apps which you can install and use.


Open your own online retail store and start earning from home

Now you know you need a mobile or laptop and an internet connection to start the earning.

Now follow the steps.

Open your internet browser and type the URL teespring.com, The below screen will appear.


start the earning - screen 1


The screen above is taken from the laptop. On mobile, the menu is arranged differently. Since it will be a very long post if I share both mobile and laptop screens so to follow me with ease, you make your mobile as a desktop.

To open the website in mobile like desktop, click the three dots located at the top right corner. It will open a list of menus. Go down and select the menu Desktop site.


Open website as in desktop


Now you can see the same screens as I am sharing with you.

The first step to open the online retail shop is to register yourself.

Click the login (located at the top right corner) and you should see the below screen.


Click Sign up (as shown with arrow indicator)

signup- register


fill up your email and choose a password. complete the captcha( see I'm not a robot ) and click Sign up button.

You should see the below screen now. Select the first option Create & Sell and click Continue. Here you are selecting the option to only design the products.

Select online store type

Now, the below screen should appear

Select another option


Below is the next screen. Give a name to your online store. Take some time to think a stylish and catchy name for your store and then enter and click Create Store.

Give a name to your store


Congratulation ! you have opened your online retail store and now ready to make designs and earn money from home.

Opening the online store was a one-time activity. Now you do not need to do this activity again. Since your store is open now so now you have to create the logo or design for the apparel to earn from home. 


So now onwards you have to earn the money from home by only doing one simple task and that is design the logo for the apparels. Remember, there is no target. You are free to decide when to work and how much to work.


Make the beautiful design or logo for apparel

In the upper section, I had suggested you download and install the Logo maker app on your mobile. Now it’s time to use it.

Logo maker app is very simple to use but if you want to know how to use it then visit How to use the logo maker app.

Once the logo or design is ready and saved to your mobile or laptop then to apply the same to the apparels follow the below steps.

Open Teespring.com in your browser. If it is already open then click Create a Product else you can see Start Designing at the top right, click it. The screen will appear.
choose product


Now as you can see, there are lots of items to select to put in your store. You have to select the product for which you have designed the logo and then upload the logo image to apply.


Now select a product. The button Start with this will be auto visible when you hover the mouse or touch it. Click Start with this button. The below screen will show you the different types of apparel. Click Start Designing button to choose an item.

select apparel to design


Select the Sell option from the below screen.


Sell or buy option


In the next screen, you will see the selected item in white color. If you are using your mobile then on the bottom right, you can see the menu. Click this button to open the action buttons to upload the design or log image that you have created.

Now the below screen showing you the Add image button, Add text button. Click to Add image button to upload your logo.
Give a name to your store


Look carefully at the above screen. The highlighted bottom part is showing you the retail price of this item and the profit you will get when this item gets sold out.

The price written in green color ($9.88 for this item) is your profit.  So you will earn $9.88 on the sale of each item. Wow!

Click Continue, now you can see the logo on the other items as well as your selected item. Teespring.com showing the logo on other items so that you can choose the best one. If you are on mobile then click the menu button and click Continue again.

The below is the next screen where you have to give a name to your design and put some description about the design so that peoples who visit your store and see your designed apparel they can read the thoughts behind your design. It’s a good idea to attract buyers.
upload image


Enter the details and click Publish Listing.  Now, this item is available to sell in your store.
Now you have to do this designing activity only and put the items to sell in your store. You can see the items in your store and other information like how many items are sold out and how much profit earned etc. You can see and manage all this information by the menu shown below.




How to make extra money fast


The simple trick to earn money fast is everyday spend 1 or 2 hours to create a new stunning design.

But, creating a stunning design in a very short time is not so easy. So the peoples who are making good money are following a simple trick. 

They target a single apparel item for a day and keep thinking of the design ideas for this item the whole day while doing their regular work. 

This way they get around 7 to 8 hours to think the design without disturbing their routine work and in the evening just using 1 -2 hours they are ready with new items in their online retail store.

This is a simple and proven idea to make money very fast while sitting at home.


How to get the payment directly in your bank account free of cost


The money earned by you will be transferred to your bank account directly. To receive the payment in your bank account you need to have PayPal account. 

Again, this is free service. If you do not have the PayPal account then you can open your account free of cost.

PayPal is a very trusted and old medium to receive or send the money. Open your free PayPal account here.

After opening your account, you will get an email address, and that email is your account code.

You need to provide this PayPal account code to Teespring.com so that they can send you the money.

Click Settings from the menu (as shown in the above screen), scroll down and you should see the below option to enter the PayPal account code.

set paypal address

Enter the code and click Set PayPal address. 
That’s it.

You can set a beautiful and stylish banner for your store which will be visible in the background of your store name.

To see the all other management option, go to the menu and explore.


 Important tip yes

Please note, you have to keep patience and give some time to start your earning. Once you start earning then there is nothing better than this. Remember, this is your shop and you have to make it attractive to the visitors. Teespring.com will show your designed items to the visitors but the visitor’s liking is their choice.

The peoples who are earning well from home with teespring.com have followed some good practices. Just follow the below tips to make your online store popular and make a good income from home. 

  1. Choose an impressive store name.
  2. Make your brand logo and upload it to your store. (Remember, you can upload your brand logo and banner). It gives a sense of reliability and confidence to the visitor.
  3. Design a beautiful banner for your store and write a punchline on it. Just like a physical shop has a banner in the top front which has a punchline.
  4. Before deciding the final logo for the apparels, think twice that will you purchase it if you see in the store? If the answer is no then change it until you are convinced.
  5. Since one logo can be affixed to many apparels so if your one design goes well then your only one logo can make you earn good money. Imagine your one design is making people crazy and thousands of items of this design are sold by teespring.com then you can imagine how much money you can earn. 
  6. Finally, do not expect quick money in the starting. Every business takes time to make its own identity so give it some time. Also, at the same time make your store impressive, stylish, and full of different varieties.

Now it’s your time to make money

I hope you are able to open your own online store and will start earning money soon.

And now I’d like to hear from you.

Was my guide helpful to tell you one of the best ways to earn money from home in your part-time?

Are you ready now to grow your online store?

Or maybe you want to tell me what I have missed?

Or tell me your store name so that I can visit it and see your designs.

Anyway, leave a quick comment below.



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Authored By Pankaj Lakhchaura

Work less, enjoy more.
Let’s have a good living and happy life.
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