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introduction to writing skills

Writing has been an essential part of our lives.

We have been using writing in many ways in our day to day life and rarely any day passes without writing.

This basic knowledge which we had learned in school as a part of our education has been grown to that extent so that now we can express each and every feeling in words.


What is meant by writing skills?

introduction to writing skills


Writing skill is the ability to convert the thoughts (about any subject or topic) into words, sentences, and paragraphs with proper meaning so that a reader gets everything that you want him or her to convey.

Writing skill needs the proficiency of the language in which someone is going to write.
Converting the thoughts (also good or bad feelings) into words is not possible without proper knowledge of grammar, vocabulary, and even punctuation.

Idioms and proverbs make it more convenient for readers to understand thoughts and feelings.

So command in the language makes you able to write anything in a proper way but how to write it depends on the subject or audience type.

You are a skilled writer if you have the expertise of the subject and understanding of your audience and proficiency in the language.

This is the simple definition of writing skills.

We’ll talk about it in more detail in the below sections.


How writing skills are an important part of communication?

communication through writing skills


Writing has been an essential part of communication in our day to day life or professional life.

In our personal lives, we write the text messages on social media platforms (Facebook, WhatsApp, etc.) where the target audience is our friends, family, and relatives or write emails to various authorities or peoples where we inform or complain about something.

In professional life, communication through writing is more important than a visual or telephonic conversation because of the maintainability of the records. 

In business or professional life sending emails, drafting letters, recording minutes of the meetings, generating reports, statements, and announcements, writing a different type of documents, accounts and announcements are the necessary part of everyday work.

The document which is written today is a reference for the future and the employees keep changing at workplaces so if the document is not written properly then it can be very difficult to understand for the new employee and that document is of no use if it is not informative enough to others.

Similarly, if an employee is sending letters (on behalf of its organization) to the customers and customers are not able to understand it fully or misunderstood it then you can understand what impact this letter can make.

The reputation which is earned by that company over the years can be vaporized in a couple of hours.  

We all have noticed that when we use messengers to communicate with our family or friends then sometimes they misinterpret it.

They didn’t get it in that way what we had written it.

Because we might have forgotten to add the punctuation or expression (like a smiley or other emoji) at the right place which gives the right sense to it.

So writing skills are worth having if communication mode is written.

Since in face to face conversation, a lot of things can be understood by facial expression and body language but in written communication reader cannot see the expressions on the writers face or gauge the mood and everything he gets from the text so it becomes necessary for the writer to write in the same sense as he or she wants readers to get it.


Benefit of learning writing skills

benefit of learning writing skills


Writing skill is an essential tool to have for everyone.

Writing skill is not only useful in routine life but can make us earn money in different ways.

Below are some major benefits of excellent writing skills.


1- Enhance thinking capability and increases creativity and imagination power

Writing develops some amazing skills.

Since the written sentences or paragraphs should be meaningful enough and convey the same message as the writer wants to so the writer has to choose the correct words which increase the thinking capability.

One good thing about communication through writing is, the writer can review the written stuff and add or remove the words or sentences as required.

This gives an opportunity to make the communication more powerful and impressive which indirectly increases creativity.

Someone who has a writing profession or often writes for personal work can understand how the writing has improved their thinking power and made them more creative.


2- Earn money 

The second benefit and important one is, writing skills can make you earn good.

If you are an excellent writer then you have many opportunities to make money.

Below are some areas where you can make good money by using your writing skills.
a) Make money as a blogger

This is an excellent and endless money-making area.

You can either start your own blog or write guest blogs.

Most of the skilled writer has their own blog and sometimes make money by freelance work.

I will talk in detail later (in the below section) on How to make money by blogging.


b) Get a full time or part-time job 

Skilled writers are in high demand.

IT companies, manufacturing companies, and other industries require the skilled writers for different posts. 

A lot of freelancers work is available online. 

Content writer, technical writer, creative writer, the business writer are the names of few opportunities which are available all time either as a full time or part-time job.


c) Food critic or restaurant critic 

Excellent writing skills open the door of many opportunities and one of them is food critic or restaurant critic.

Do you know how much a food critic earns? It’s nearly $45000 to $ 60000 per year. 

The profile name is food critic but it’s not all about the food only.

70% is writing and 30% is the food or restaurant observation.

All the renowned food critics have writing skills as an essential talent with them and according to them, they keep writing most of the time as the details need to be published either in newspapers or magazines or online portals.


d) Write books or eBooks

Have you ever thought that you can publish a book?

Book authors earn money and respect both.

Nowadays, writing books and publishing books is quite easy.

If you have writing skills then you need a topic to write on and rest is fairly easy for you.

Since writing skill brings creativity and imagination with it so a skilled writer has no shortage of words after getting a topic.

Write stories, novels, poems, travel guides, home remedies, self-invented life hacks or anything which you like to write about is now too easy to publish.

How to write books and how to publish without spending any money is explained in the later section of this article.


e) Screenwriter or dialogue writer

Yes, you guessed it right. 

As I said above, thinking, creativity, and imagination goes along with skilled writing.

You can have an excellent opportunity to work with the glamour world.

In the film industry, excellent writers are always in demand.

If you remember the famous Hollywood movie The Sixth Sense, after the huge success of this movie the scriptwriter Manoj N. Shyamalan broke all-time records of Hollywood history.

For his next movie (Unbreakable, starring Bruce Willis) he got $5 million for scriptwriting. (He also directed this film and got another $5 million for the same).

This was just an example of how the script and dialogue writer gets recognition and earns fame and wealth both.


3- Create impressive personality and help career grooming

This is an indirect and big advantage of skilled writing. 

A nicely written letter, document, or email leaves a good impression about you on reader's minds.

A bunch of words are not only a piece of information but also carry your thoughts and intelligence. 

You can build your image and impress others with your writing skills.

Texts are a powerful way of communication and with a little twist, you can convey the correct message without writing it.

Whatever the career you are in, create your own image and impression among the peoples around you and see the progress in your career. 

Writing skills can create a magical impact if a business deal is going to start.

Almost all the business deals start with written communication and these initial written communication decides the future of the business. 

So excellent writing skills is useful in every part of our life and benefit us in many ways.


What is professional writing?

professional writing


When you use your writing skills to earn money directly or indirectly then it is called professional writing.

Or in other words, the written communication in a business or workplace environment where professional’s takes decisions based on this communication called professional writing. 

Professional writing involves business technicalities and has a formal flavor.

The way of writing and technical terms used depends on the business type but the approach is always formal and does not include loose words that dilute the purpose.


10 ways to make money with writing skills

make money bu writing skills


Good writers are always in demand.

You can always find open vacancies in various organizations either as a full-time job or part-time job.
Freelance work is another favorite money earning area of skilled writers where plenty of work is available online and freelancers choose the work based on their taste and make money from home. 

You can be your own boss if you wish to start your own business by just putting a little more effort and vision.

I am going to explain each money making method for a skilled writer and where to find the jobs below.

1- Publish your own book and earn as an Author

It is always better to do something which generates regular income for us. 

As a skilled writer, you know how to convey the message to the readers and if you have a good command on any subject or topic then you have the option to publish your eBook (or printed book) and make money as royalty.

To be an author, writing skills are more important than subject knowledge. 

Agree? No?

Fine, let me convince you.

There is no guarantee that a good player can be a successful coach or a sound knowledge person a good teacher.


Why so?

Because coaching or teaching is all about to convey the thoughts or knowledge so the student adopts the same when convinced.

What to tell, how much to tell, when to tell, the way of talking, understanding the target audience is the main key.

So the individual’s talent has no value if they do not transfer the same to whom they are training.

So an average (or lesser-known) player can be a good coach and an average knowledge person can be a successful teacher.

If you have the interest to be an author or like writing novels, stories, travel guides, or professional subjects then you can earn well and get regular income by just one time of effort.

There are multiple platforms available to print books and eBooks and one popular and easy method is to write eBooks for amazon kindle.

Amazon kindle direct publishing offers you to Self-publish eBooks and paperbacks for free and reach millions of readers on Amazon.

Just know your talent and give a start. You can take your writing skills to new heights.


2- Earn as a blogger

Another great way to use your writing skill is to start your blog and start earning your own way.

Blogging has been a popular way for the last some years and the bloggers with average writing skills are also able to earn their living.

 A great thing about blogging is, you need to spare little time on it since you do not require to post an article each day.

One article or post in a week or 2 week time is good enough to publish so you can choose blogging as your part-time business.

To start a blog, first, you need to choose a topic which is called niche in technical term. 

After selecting the topic or niche, you need to register a domain.

A domain is the name of your website. Your domain or website name should be a reflection of the topic.

Since website name should be unique so while registering the domain name you may not get the desired name because it would have been already registered by someone else so you need to do some research on it and when you found the availability of it then register.

Domain name registration is very easy and takes only a minute.

You have to pay yearly to renew this registration and cost is little approximately $10 per year and for first-year, the hosting company can wave off this cost.

Now the third step is the website which will be visited by the readers and where you will edit your article or post.

A popular name is WordPress hosting.

This is open-source software and mostly used by bloggers.

So for non-developer, it’s a great way to publish the blog.

To get the WordPress you need not do anything.

Most of the hosting companies provide the WordPress hosting free and within 5 minutes it gets installed and you start publishing.
If you know the website development or interested to have your own unique styled website then either can self-develop it or plenty of freelancers or companies are available who can develop the same for you in a very short time and by charging as little as $100.

The final and fourth step is hosting the domain or website. 

There are many website hosting providers that provide affordable hosting plans.
Hostgator is one such provider. Here you can register the domain and find the WordPress hosting too.  

The yearly plan of hosting will cost you around $100 including all.


3- Earn as a freelance writer

Freelance writing is like a heaven for professional writers.

From home, they choose the work of their choice with the best money earning capability and just with a laptop and internet connection they earn well.

Different type of work on a different platform is available for freelancers.

A professional writer does not take much time to complete these assignments and while doing other work writers earn extra in parallel. 

Many professional writers get regular work from the same source when they complete their first assignments. 

Some common and best-known writing job types are:

1- Content writer - Newspapers, magazines, and other journals are always in need of quality content writers.

2- Ghostwriting - When an article published with a different author name then it’s called ghostwriting.

Here original author sells his article on a higher price and has no copyrights on that piece of information anymore. 

3- Blogging - Blogging websites need fresh content almost every week.

To be on top of the digital platform they require writers who can publish quality content for them.

4- Copywriting - This is related to the company’s marketing and promotional activity.

To make a brand image and promote the business, copywriters are needed.

As a beginner professional writer, you have the below best options to find the writing jobs.

1- Online freelancer portals 

This is one of the best ways to find freelance work for writing.

Below are top online platforms to find freelance writing jobs.
Freelancewriting - This web portal is dedicated to writing jobs only. Since this is a freelance portal so the amount they pay depends on the client rate.

Cracked - This is another well-paying website for writing professionals. They can pay you around $100 for a blog post.

Betterhumans - BetterHumans seeks fresh posts for their own websites. They pay around $500 for an article or post. 

Contena - Contena is one of the best writing job providers. It has regular work related to various requirements like writers, editors, content writers, etc. It provides full times jobs as well as freelance short term jobs. 

Reader's Digest - Reader’s Digest requires true personal stories. You can submit your stories in 100 words and if selected they pay you around $100.

Morning Coffee Newsletter - Morning Coffee Newsletter sends the writing jobs to you every day on email. Just signup and get the jobs newsletter every day to your Inbox.


2- Join LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a great source of getting legitimate writing jobs.

Almost all professionals are registered there and both companies and job seekers take the advantage of this platform.

Register to linkedin and create your profile. Since LinkedIn is the platform build for professionals so your profile is more than a resume. 

Make an impressive profile by writing in detail about your experience and skills.

If you have prior experience then show your work.

The recruiters are going through the profiles of the candidates and then contact the candidates. 

You can also search there for a suitable job. Just explore the site and you will not be disappointed.


4- Grab a Part-time or Full-time job

Almost every organization requires skilled writers either to prepare marketing or promotional material or internal documentation.

A majority of companies hires the writers as a full-time employee.     

IT companies, media, healthcare, and even manufacturing companies hire professional writers for various jobs.

To approach the hiring company is very simple.

There are many job portals where the recruiter's posts the job and candidates apply for suitable jobs.

Just register to the job portal and search for the posted jobs. You will have plenty of job options available and apply for a suitable one.

5- Food or restaurant critic

This is somewhat different than just writing but 70% of food critic jobs involve writing so a food or restaurant critic is a professional writer too or in fact a professional writer first.

If you have some interest in journalism or excitement about the different types of culture and food then a food critic job can be a suitable job for you.

A food critic’s or restaurant critic’s average income is $45000 to $ 60000 per year.

If you are in the starting phase of your career and deciding the right path for your career then it's a good time to think about this profession.

Food critic role is not limited only to taste the food and write about it, it’s more than that.

A food critic is almost a reporter who write articles for newspaper, magazine and other public platforms.

To find food critic jobs, you need to see the various requirements opening in job portals.

6- Screenwriter or dialogue writer

You love the movies and often admire the writers for the beautiful and powerful script?

I am sure you must have imagined yourself as a scriptwriter and dreamt about making a blockbuster movie.

Screenwriter or scriptwriter are not required only for movies but also require for TV shows,

Theater and other entertainment industries.

This is not a normal routine job and needs creativity and patience to be successful.

The movies are normally based on novels or other stories or a concept generated by any other person but to convert the story or concept according to a movie needs creativity and skills.

So if you are looking for an exciting career as a professional writer then it’s a perfect match for you. 


7- Translator

This is one of the easiest and best jobs for excellent writers.

You can earn by full-time job or part-time job or freelance work by adopting a translator job.

If you know more than one language then this can be your best-earning source.

Employment in this area is already well grown and it’s expected to be increased by 25% to 30% in the next 10 years. 

You can find translator jobs in IT companies, health care, education, and publication or media industry.

8- Columnist

A columnist is like a reporter but it’s different than usual reporting.

Columnist needs to write on special topics which are currently in news and discussion.

A columnist job is to put his or her unbiased opinion on a particular topic and that topic can be from politics, sports, fashion, or any other which is the hot current event.

So a columnist needs to have the experience in a different area so that he or she can analyze the situation and decisions and accordingly make his or her mind.

When we talk about the experience then it does not mean that you should have worked in that area.

It’s nearly impossible for anyone to have working experience in a variety of areas.

For a columnist, experience means you have followed these areas continuously for several years and got the expertise and made your understanding so clear that you can put your thoughts in public.

You can think to make a career in this field in the future while doing your current work for living.

Keep an eye on various interesting events and try to get expertise and clear understanding. After 4-5 years of the continuous chase, you can apply for a columnist job.

09- Speechwriter

Speech writing is one of the areas where a professional writer can see their future.

As we all know, politicians and government officials are the frequent users of speechwriters but it’s not limited to that only.

Celebrities also hire speechwriters and pay well to them.

Business personalities are also dependent on speechwriters and whatever they say on media is the magic of speechwriters.

Apart from the above, there are other areas where speechwriters play a crucial role to make an image of a person or a brand.

The average salary of speechwriters can be between $70,000 to $80,000 annually.


10- Academic Writing

Academic writing is another way of making money.

University research work, stories on different subjects and other knowledgeable writing work comes under academic writing.

You can find jobs online related to academic writing.

Below are some portals which are best to search the academic writing jobs. 


Hope you got it

I hope you have got what you were looking for.

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maybe you want to suggest something to improve.

Whatever is in your mind, let me know by leaving a quick comment below.



professional writing summary

Authored By Pankaj Lakhchaura

Work less, enjoy more.
Let’s have a good living and happy life.
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