Make money quickly:15 easy and legit ways to earn online (fresh list)

This is the ultimate list to make money online without investment.

only mobile or laptop and internet connection are required.

If you want to fill your wallet while killing the spare time then this guide is for you. 


Let’s get started.


Based on our latest research and experience and after checking the facts, here are the top and best 15 ways to make money.

Your 1 or 2 hours of spare time is enough to make regular income to your wallet.

We will keep updating this list from time to time so that we can bring the best for you.

A reality of this world is, no one gives anything free. You have to do something to get something.

The ways we are mentioning here does not require any technical or special knowledge.

Anyone who is educated and has a mobile or laptop with an internet connection can work and get money in the wallet.

These methods will not make you a millionaire but are best to earn while having spare time to kill or interested to get the side income.

Let’s go in the detail now.

1. Complete easy tasks on Amazon MTurk 



No matter what, whatever is your education and skillset, you can get plenty of simple tasks to do, and once completed, get money in your account.

Amazon Mechanical Turk (MTurk) is a crowdsourcing marketplace that provides a market to the companies or individuals to outsource their work and get it done by a worldwide community.

You can find every type of work there, from $1 to $1000 per task is Available.

Just select the task which you can do and on completion, you will get the money.

If you are interested in a serious type of work or have some technical background then a lot of simple and big tasks are there which pays well.

Review the UI of a website, choose the best suitable logo for a brand, and test a website, and even website development work is available.

Translate one language to another, or write a transcription of a video or simple writing jobs are there where you have to write the posts on a topic.

If you are not sure what to do even then something will be there to do.

Click here and hit the create a worker account option.


2. Get easy tasks on microworkers


microworkers is similar to amazon Mturk and provides plenty of simple tasks to complete that pays you on completion.

Regardless of your skillset, this is an ocean to choose the tasks and make money in a very short time.

The research study, Data mining, categorization of events in a sequence, content moderation, product evaluation, image quality rating, review and surveys, transcription and translation, writing, and many more other tasks are available all time.

Microworkers pay worldwide.

So if you are just killing your time on online games or on social media then why not try to have the cash.


3. Review Software



This can be fun for most of us. What all you need to do is install the software on your laptop and use its features and whatever you feel good or bad write it.

Softwarejudge  pays up to $50 per review. The softwares are not big and can be reviewed within 1 to 3 hours.

You need to have a laptop for this task.

Just submit your honest reviews (doesn’t matter positive or negative) and you will be paid.

But do not try to cheat, if you submit reviews without using the software that will easily be caught and you can be blacklisted.

You can select any software to review depending on your choice.

If you have a little time then use this time to do something funny, curious, and make the wallet happy.


4. Online surveys


This is the easiest and quickly done task. 

You have to take part in a survey and select the option which feels good to you.

Surveys are conducted to get the opinion of the public so that marketing companies can decide which way they need to go.

With mobile and using your 1 hour, spare time can make you good money.

Below are some well-known sites to make money with online surveys.


5. Search and earn


Nothing could be better than to be paid for what you are already doing.

This is one of the easiest methods to make money without any real effort.

qmee provides you an opportunity to search on Google, Bing, Yahoo, and Amazon and get the reward in return.

Qmee provides you three types of opportunities to make money.

  • Share your opinion by taking part in online surveys
  • Shop and earn
  • Search and earn

So other than searching you have two more options to make your wallet happy.

For the search to earn method, you have to install an add-on to your browser and when search and get the search result, just click on the advertisement provided by qmee.


6. Website and apps review


This is a 10 to 20 minutes task and $10 will be in your wallet.

usertesting  provides you this simple and quick money-making opportunity.

It has a variety of websites to review and each review pays you up to $10.

Use your little free time and get something worth full.

7. Get simple task on clickworker




This is another great site for earning by completing simple tasks.
Just like amazon mTurk , clickworker has a variety of tasks to do and a fair pay policy.

You can find multiple tasks that suit you and get money directly to your bank account via PayPal.

You can find the below jobs at clickworker

  • Simple data entry 
  • Surveys 
  • Take any kind of photo with smartphone and upload, 
  • Check or test the apps for design, color, etc.
  • Visit shopping malls and upload their photos 
  • Record audio on your smartphone 
  • Make short videos with your smartphone
  • And others quickly completing simple tasks.

Click to register and start filling your wallet.


8. Sell photos and videos


Have a smartphone and click photos often? Already have a lot of photos and videos on your mobile and do not know what to do?

You can sell your photos and videos (obviously not personal) and make money.

There are many sites that sell photos and videos worldwide and to fulfill the customer's demand they require fresh photos.

You can upload photos and videos to these sites and when your photo gets sold you earn a fixed percentage of the sold price.

The lovely thing about this is, your one photo can make you earn unlimited times because the same photo can be sold again and again and still you will remain the original owner of your creativity.


Here is the full detail of selling photos and videos.

Below are some best sites to sell photos and videos

9. Own an online retail shop provides an excellent opportunity to own an online retail shop absolutely free.

This site sells apparel and other items and delivers to customers at the doorstep.

Just register and open your store there. 

Only one task you have to do is, design a logo for apparel (selection of apparel and logo both are your choice) and apply that logo to apparel. Once you put a stunning logo to apparel, this apparel will be put on your store to sell.

Do not worry, for logo designing, there are certain apps which provide this facility free.

When that apparel sold out, you get 30% to 50% as a commission.

Read here to know more about how to open a store and other great tips.


10. Buy and sell website names


Website names are also called domain names. Name with extension (.com, .net, .org etc.) makes it unique and called domain name.

For example, is a domain and is another.

The website owners or business owners need a unique domain name that is aligned with their business. 

Since a domain that is already taken by someone cannot be available to others so business owners try to purchase the suitable domains if available for sale.

The idea is very simple and does not require any prior knowledge.

Make a guess of commercially valuable domain names and search for their availability on the websites like if available then purchase. 

A domain price is as low as $2 and once purchased, put it on sale on sites like namecheap and sedo 

You can earn $100 to $10000 and if you are lucky then sometimes the prices go to much more than expectations.

11. Affiliate marketing


Promote a product and when someone purchases it through your promotion link then you will get a commission of it.

Affiliate marketing is an old and effective money-making method.

A lot of online shopping portals and other product sellers provide promotion links and on sale transfer the commission to your account directly.

Amazon and Bluehost are two such excellent portals.
Amazon has a lot of products to sell and according to the choice, you can get the promotion link of most sellable and popular items.

Bluehost is a website hosting company and if through your promotion link they sell any hosting plan then you can get up to 65% of the price as a commission.

Once you get the promotion link (which is a website URL),  you can spread it either through your social media (Facebook, Whatsapp, Telegram, Instagram) or from other platforms like websites or blogs.

12. Make cash with Fiverr


Just like Amazon MTurk and microworkers, you can find plenty of easy tasks and get money on completion.

Fivver is somewhat different than both of the previous options.

This is a freelance website and here you have to win the job opportunity.   However, for small and easy tasks there is no such competition and plenty of work is available.

Click here to visit the website.

13. Suggest business name or domain


Business startup owners require suggestions for their business name, website name, and slogans for their business.

A business name, Domain, or website name tells a lot about business so it’s very important that these attributes should match the business theme.

If you can suggest a name for a business, or a domain name or punchline (slogan) then as a reward you will get cash.
At pickydomains you have to select the order and suggest the names.

If your name, domain, or slogan is selected then you can get up to 60% of the order value.

No worry if your suggestions are not selected, you still earn some amount for each of your suggestion.

So if you have some free time to kill then why not do something which rewards the money back.

14. Stock market trading


If you are not familiar with stock market trading then it’s time to have a good knowledge of it.
For millions of peoples, this is the full-time job and single earning way for their living. 

So it is worth to learn about this excellent market which returns the money with no limit.

One thing to note here is, it involves risks and not investment free.

But yes, once you are aware of the risks then a little invested amount can return you unlimited.

Here, you have to purchase the shares at a low cost, and when the prices go up then sell it.

You need to have a DMAT account to do this trading.  

Here you can read all about the share trading. 


15. Make money with Facebook and Instagram


Surprised? How can you make money on Facebook or Instagram?

It’s very simple. 

The product owners advertise the product where they find the maximum people in one place with the same interest what they are targeting as a customer.

For example, if you are an owner of a chocolate company and your customer are mostly school kids then where will you look for advertisement?

Either you will contact schools or TV channels which shows kids programs because these are the two places where you can reach the maximum school kids.

To advertise your chocolate, you will have to pay for school or TV channels.

In a similar way, if you have created groups (on any topic) on Facebook or Instagram and have more than 500 members that means these 500 members have similar interests.

Since you are the admin of the group and all the members who have joined the group have similar interests so if you post something in this group as a part of advertisement then it will reach exactly to those peoples who are the targeted customers of the advertising company.

To make the money, either you need to contact the companies for advertising or they can contact you if you have a large group of members.

Here is the detail to make money with Facebook and Instagram.


The above all are simple ways to make money without working hard and using much brain.

Do not be trapped when someone says that without doing anything serious you can earn well.

Everyone has a fair chance to earn and the earning depends on efforts and brain used.

There are many guaranteed ways to make money but need serious efforts. We will talk soon about guaranteed money making methods in the next post.

Below is the summary of the above all discussed quick ways to make money.

#1. Complete easy tasks on Amazon mechanical Turk 
#2. Get easy tasks on microworkers
#3. Review Software
#4. Online surveys
#5. Search and earn
#6. Website and apps review
#7. Get simple task on clickworker
#8. Sell photos and videos
#9. Own an online retail shop
#10. Buy and sell website names
#11. Affiliate marketing
#12. Make cash with Fiverr
#13. Suggest business name or domain
#14. Stock market trading
#15. Make money with Facebook and Instagram


Hope you got it

Did you find a way to make money?

Or expecting something else?

Or already making money and want to suggest your method.


Let us know by leaving a comment below.



Authored By Pankaj Lakhchaura

Work less, enjoy more.
Let’s have a good living and happy life.
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