Make money with Photos and Videos: Earn $100 and more per image and video without invest

If you are looking for an easy way to make money online without investment then nothing could be better than selling your photos and videos online and earn income from home.

I will tell you how you can make money online by selling photos or videos with legitimate and real ways.
In this comprehensive guide I’ll cover:

  • Where to sell photos and videos
  • What types of photos and videos can be sold
  • How to make money online by selling photos and videos
  • What are the most popular stock photos in demand
  • How much money can be earned by selling photos
  • Lots more

So if you want to make money online by selling photos or videos without any investment then you will love this proven and legitimate guide.

Let’s get started.



The way I am going to tell you is absolutely free, authentic and applicable for non-photographers and professional photographers both.

In today’s world everyone has smart phones with good quality camera and we often keep clicking whenever we see anything new, beautiful and attractive. 

Just using your smartphone camera you can earn from home in your part time a very handsome money and that is without investing money.

If you are owning a DSLR and have a hobby to click beautiful pictures then it’s an excellent opportunity to make money with your passion.

Cool isn’t it. 


Best websites to sell photos and videos

Though there are many websites that give you the royalty of your photos and videos they ask money in different forms. Some websites ask one-time money in the form of the registration fee and other takes money as membership fee.

Since my aim is to tell you the way where you can make more money without spending money from your pocket so there is only one website which is best in the market and pays you worldwide.

This website is the leader in the market of stock photos and videos. It has paid more than $1 billion in the last 15 years as a royalty to its worldwide contributors. 

This is the first choice of everyone who wants to make money with photos and videos.
Millions of visitors per month visit this website to buy the photos and videos for their use.

To fulfill the demands of worldwide customers this website always looks for new photos and videos.

So to make it easy, does not ask any money and allows you to upload your photos and videos free and gives you the money in the form of royalty whenever your photo or video gets sold.

You are still the owner of your photos and videos which are being sold through this website so you have the full copyrights of your property.

Since one photo or video can be sold unlimited times so your one photo or video can make you earn unlimited. Remember, you are still the owner and hold copyrights of your creativity.

This is very simple to open an account and upload your photos. All you need an email address and one valid identity proof (to get the money in your bank account).

If you already have a PayPal or Payoneer account then no need for identity proof.

I will tell more about how to register, upload photos, and make money in the below sections.


What types of photos can be sold

Every type of photo is in demand but you need to take care of some important points.

Since before showing the photos to public first verifies all your uploaded photos and videos and after approval put on sale for the public so to get approved you need to upload only those which fit their criteria and policy.

Below are some important criteria which you need to read carefully. 

  • Photos resolution should be good. If you are taking photos with mobile then your camera should be 8 megapixels or more.
  • Though and both suggest having a minimum 4-megapixel camera as I have experienced that images with 4 MP do not get approved because of low resolution.
  • Photo quality should be good. Photos that are not clear or blur will not be approved.
  • Photos should not have watermark, text, or personalized text.
  • Since these photos will be purchased and used for different purposes so only clean photos will be accepted.
  • Do not change the original color, sharpness, etc. nowadays a lot of tools are available to make the images more attractive. Do not use such tools to customize your photos.
  • Photos should not have privacy violations.  Your photos should not have other people’s images.
  • If in your photos people's face is identifiable or by any other way peoples can be identified then those people can claim for their privacy violation. However, if you know those peoples or places and have their permission then you can sell your photos to make money but need to do some documentation formalities.  
  • Wide-angle photos are more in demand. Always take photos in landscape mode. Landscape or wide-angle photos are the obvious choice of designers.
  • Always use the back camera of the mobile. The back camera quality is far better than the front camera. However, if you have a DSLR then nothing better than this.


Make money online by selling photos and videos

Now you all set to know the process to sell your photos online and earn money.

The best part of photo or video selling is that your one photo or video can be sold multiple times and each time you earn a royalty.

There is no limit on how many times a photo can be sold. You are still the owner of your photos or videos and selling these photos only gives the right to use the photos to the buyer.

Now, I will tell you in detail to use these websites one by one.

Step 1: Open your account

Open in your browser. You will see the below screen.

initial screen

Click the get started button which will bring the next screen to fill up your details to open an account.

Enter the details and click Next.

Fill up registration form

You will get a confirmation link to your email. 


Open your email account and click the confirmation link. Your account will be verified and below screen will appear where you have to enter your address.



Step 2: Upload Photo or video

Once you complete your address, the below welcome screen appears. Click Upload image and then click get it from its next screen.

all set

Now the next screen is to upload your photos. Since this is your first chance to work so you need to upload a minimum of 5 photos. If you have more than 5 photos then it’s good.

upload photo or video

Once you upload your all photos, click the Next button. The below screen will appear to put details about your photos and submit them for review.


Step 3: Enter keywords and description


enter keywords


Now, this is a very important screen. Here you need to tell about your photo so that people can find your photo. 

You should be very careful while putting the details. The details you put about your photos directly related to the money you earn. Write the most suitable description, choose the category and keywords which suits best.

Put more than 15 keywords for each photo. Keywords play a vital role when people search for photos.

After entering the details of each photo carefully click the Submit button.
Now your photos will be verified by . You will be notified by email once your photos get approved.

Since you are uploading your photos first time and do not have experience of this process so try to upload 15 or more photos so that some of your photos gets approved in your first attempt.

The verification process takes 3 to 5 days.

The process is the same for video uploading.

Now the final step. You need to provide the PayPal account details so that can send you money when there is a sale.

However, you do not need to enter the payment details initially. You can enter the details after a week or later but I am telling you how to do this.


Step 4: Enter details to receive money

In the top section where you can see your user name, click to see the menu. Here you can see all menus which is necessary to manage your account.

Click Account Settings. A new screen will appear and scroll down to see the payment information as shown in below screen.

Set payment information

Select the Payment method and enter payout email and minimum payout. If you do not have a payment method and you can open a free PayPal account here.

The payout email is the same as you have used while opening PayPal account. The minimum payout amount is that which you want to make you pay.

Now you are ready to sell your photos and get the money in your account.
You can upload unlimited photos or videos. So whenever you click something good keep uploading.


Top 5 Most popular stock photos in demand

Although all types of photos are in demand but there are some subjects for which people search the internet most.

Below are the most downloaded stock photos in the past years. 

1. Lifestyle photos or real-life photos 

Different types of real-life photos are very popular among website designers, bloggers and story makers, and business presentations.

There are two types of lifestyle photos which in high demand.

Life with nature

life with nature

Life in daily routine that looks real

routine life photos


2. Background photos

Background or negative space photos are those where objects are in the background. Since these photos are best for imagination purposes so are in high demand.

However, negative space always not meant to be an object in the background. 

object in background


3. Diversity and family blend

In today’s world, the acceptance of owning to other cultural and complexions has been increased and it can be seen in various social media platforms too. Peoples are liking this diversity so the stock photos are in high demand.



4. Business discussion photos

Discussion between office team members in open space and smiling professionals sitting around a table has been the most downloaded and sold stock photos in the last year.

business photos

5. Environmental awareness

Environmental awareness and living with nature have been a hot topic for the last couple of years.

Now everything which humans are using or producing tends to be nature friendly.

eco friendly

How much money can be earned by selling photos?


Selling photos online is one of the best creative ways to make money from home. You are a student or working man, housewife or fixed salaried women all have a great opportunity to use their smartphone camera or DSLR and earn money while sitting at home.

You can earn a good income by selling your photos. Your one photo can make you earn huge if it goes well.

When you upload your photos and videos to sell them still you are the owner of your creativity.

You hold the copyrights of your property and each time your photo gets sold so you make money in the form of royalty. So a single photo can be sold unlimited times and you earn each time.

Now if you have a good collection of photos then your earning will go up in that ratio.

Click here to see the payment structure and other details. 


Tips to sell your photos or videos more than others


There are two important factors to make money by selling photos and videos. One is uploading quality photos to the websites and the second one is their sell. 

If you have captured great photos then you need to do one more important work to earn money from these photos.

Before doing this important work, you need to understand how website visitors find the photos that they are looking for.

When a person needs a photo or video, he or she visits the websites and search the website for photos. To search the photo or video he or she needs to put the search text which is relevant to their desired photo or video.

For example, if someone is looking for a photo that shows a green dense forest where monkeys are on the trees in the morning then what that person will put the search text? The possibility of search texts is as follows.

Forest with monkeys
Green forest with monkeys
Dense forest and monkeys
Dense green forest morning view
Dense green forest with monkeys in morning 

And so on.

The above all search text are called keywords. These keywords play a crucial role in photo searching. 

So you have to think of correct keywords for your photos so that they can appear on search results. The good thing is that you can choose and put multiple keywords that define your creativity.


As i keep saying many times that these are your best money making tips in your part time. Like every other business this way also needs some time to start the earning and like every other business you need to spend some time to explore the website so that you can know what you need to do more to make more money.


I hope I was able to guide you in detail on how you can use your passion to make money.


Now It's Time to Make Money

I really hope you enjoyed and take benefit from my money making guide by selling photos and videos.

You can tell me about your experience.

How you are going to start?

What type of photographer you are?

You may want to tell me the problems you are facing


How much money you are making

let me know by leaving a quick comment below.


Put money in wallet

Authored By Pankaj Lakhchaura

Work less, enjoy more.
Let’s have a good living and happy life.
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Great information. I have a DSLR purchased long back. Now I am able to capture quality pictures.Since I am not a professional in this field so did not know what can I do with my beautifully captured photos.

I like clicking photos using my smartphone so now whenever I will be out, will use my smartphone or DSLR to click photos or shoot videos. Till this time, I was keep deleting those photos in which me or my friends or family members are not present. Now I came to know that each photo clicked with passion can be sold.

Thanks buddy for this money making ideas. My talent was going in vain :-)

Thanks Jeorge. Hope this guide will help a lot of friends who like to capture the beautiful moments.
Great information share by you, thanks I made account & here I start my journey with all your guidance dear.Thanks again

Good luck friend.

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