Voice over jobs: A definitive guide to earn with your voice and acting skills

This is a complete guide for those who want to make a career in voice acting.

This guide will cover:

  • Who can earn by voice acting
  • What is required
  • Where to get jobs
  • Challenges and scams
  • And lots more

So if your hobby is acting and wants to earn part-time or make a full time carrier then this guide is for you.

Let’s get started.

introduction to voice over acting

If your hobby is acting and either want to make career in voice acting or earn money in part time then this is an essential guide for you.

Voice acting can be a game-changer for your career if your luck is also favoring you.

Yes, you read it right. The peoples who got success now sitting on the heap of money and fame since the voice acting opened multiple doors for them. 

If you do not agree with me that voice acting can change your life and how voice acting can turn around the world for you then I will help you to understand how voice acting can open the multiple doors for you.

First, let us understand what voice acting is.

You must have seen cartoon movies. The visuals (like humans, animals, and others which are part of the movies and created by computer graphics and animation) are not real but the voice is real. 

The cartoon characters are made by computer but the voice cannot be generated by computer because for different types of emotions, nature, and behavior only humans can understand and act accordingly.

So here (in case of cartoon movie) to give the voice to computerized characters is called voice acting.

In the same way, if we are giving our voice to any other character (does not always meant for computerized visuals) or background then it is voice acting.


How voice acting can be a turning point for your career


While most of the peoples think that this is either a part-time money-making method or full-time career but if you keep doing hard work and your luck is with you then it can open the doors of acting careers in many ways.

Once you get an opportunity of voice acting, you can get the opportunity of dubbing for movies and TV serials and once you get dubbing opportunity then you can get the acting opportunities in movies and TV serials.

Below are some areas where you can see yourself in the future.

  • Movies
  • Dubbing films in a different language
  • TV shows
  • Animation films
  • Advertisements
  • Audio dramas for radio etc.
  • Video games
  • Audiobooks
  • Documentaries
  • Training or e-learning


Can you earn good money with voice acting?

Yes, you can earn well money by voice acting. Either you can work part-time or adopt it as a full-time job.

Most successful artists in this field have one thing in common. Initially, they had tried to get the work part-time and when they were capable enough to get more work then only they started to work as a full-time job.

As I said above, the voice acting is just an entrance to big opportunities.

Your target should be to get the benefit of this opportunity to enter the ocean of glamour which not only make you earn in million but gives you fame as well.

Voice over jobs can make you money for your living and fulfill your dreams too. 

Since it is the indirect gateway of life-changing opportunities so competition is also high. 

The artists who are successful today and started their career with voice over artists have waited for 1 to 2 years to get the work.

So you can imagine what level of patience and hard work required in this field to make a career.   

How much money you can earn by voice over acting?


This is the second most asked question by the beginners who want to make a career in voice acting. (The first one is how can I become a voice-over artist?)

Like every other profession, voice acting also has a different money range for different experience levels.

As a beginner, it is tough to get the money according to your expectations. 

This industry needs perfection and quality work which cannot be learned without getting work.

So to get the experience you need the work and to get the work you can’t be so judgmental about money.

I will come to straight now.

Because of the tough competition, as a beginner, you will be getting very little money.
After 5+ year of experience, you will be able to get good work so can choose the work which pays according to your expectations.

You have very good earning and able to negotiate when you have established yourself in the voice-over market.

And there is no limit when you are a reputed professional in the voice-over market.


According to voices.com, a top voice actor like Nancy Cartwright, who voices several characters on the TV show, The Simpsons, makes $400,000 per episode”. You can read this post here which gives you a fair idea about the money making expectations at various level.

So there is no clear statement that can be made on the money earning capability because it depends on an individual's experience, quality work, and negotiation with the clients.

What is required to start a career in voice-over acting?


To start a career in voice-over acting, this is very important to know what to do and what not because you will be competing with highly professional actors.

When you start searching the opportunity on various platforms (later in this guide will tell you where to search voice-over acting opportunities) then you come to know the client's expectations and nature of work.

Before searching for a career opportunity, you must be well prepared for the market.

You have to make a small studio at your home.

A lot of work can be done at home itself so clients prefer you to work from home. Clients send the visuals online (like google drive) and ask to send them back with voice overacting.

So to do the voice acting at home, you must have a recording environment at home.

To set up a recording environment at home, you need to have the below essentials.

  1. A quiet place preferably a room where sound does not echo. Room size does not matter and can be as small as to accommodate a table and chair only.
  2. Soundproofing material. Your studio should be covered with soundproofing material. No need to expense on it. A thick blanket or similar material can do the job.
  3. A good quality Microphone. The microphone is the backbone and most important thing to have for voice acting. Here is a guide to help you to choose the best microphone.
  4. Mixing software. Software’s required to remove the noise, add or mix various sounds, etc. A lot of free software's are available online.
  5. A laptop. Of course, without a laptop or computer, it is not possible to record.

Once you setup the environment, you have the essential tools to start with.

Now the second step is to learn to deliver a quality voice.

Before getting an opportunity or assignment you must play with your voice and make it perfect for all types of requirements.

As an actor, you need plenty of variations in your voice. A happy voice, a sad voice, a disappointed voice, a numb voice, an excited voice, a tired voice, and many more.

The expressions need to be in voice and to make your voice deliver different kinds of acts you need to have a good practice.

So experiment with your voice and practice until you get perfection.

Record your voice and then listen, is it what you were expecting? I can bet on it, this is not what you had expected but not to worry.

No one got the success without practicing and this is just your beginning and a long way to go.

Once you are confident enough then start searching the right opportunity to make a career in voice acting.


Where to find voice-over acting jobs?

You do not need to go anywhere to find the opportunity.

You can get the work online and will be paid online. However when you are experienced enough and getting big projects then clients will prefer to do the work at their studio.

So till you reach that height, you can get the work and payment online while sitting at home.

Below are top websites that are famous in the industry for voice over acting jobs.

I have sequenced them from top to bottom.


1- Voices.com

This is very popular among voice-over acting job seekers. Just you need to register yourself and start showing your work. The clients keep posting their jobs and always in search of the right talent.

Voices.com is popular for its sure pay policy.

If you have completed a project and provided the related files then there is a guarantee that you will get the payment.

As a job seeker, you have two options to register yourself. Free or paid.

I will suggest you start with free registration.

You can apply from anywhere in the world and more chances to get the work easily if you are bilingual.

This company hires experienced professionals and if you have 5+ years of experience then it’s a good company to work with. 


2- Voice123.com

This is the best company for fresher.  

This company invites the voice over actors from around the world and for almost every language.

The best thing about this company is here job seekers can directly contact to the clients and make things better for them.

Just register yourself and create your profile.

Upload sample videos of your work so that clients can search the best for them.

You can upload multiple videos and be on the top in the search, each week upload samples.


3- Voicebunny.com

This is the 3rd company in our list which provides voice-over acting jobs.

This is best for experienced professionals and actors can set their own price or rate.

VoiceBunny allows customers to search and see actor's profiles and sample work videos and when customers submit the work they can choose the actors if they find suitable.

VoiceBunny has an automated algorithm by which it matches the right actors for a posted job and when matched it suggests the right candidate to the customers and also informs the actors.

Before working on a project, VoiceBunny conducts a quality control test of the actor and when the test passed then only the actor is permitted to work.

A good thing about this company is when you pass the quality test before getting the work, if you pass the test then VoiceBunny will pay you even if the customer rejects you or does not assign the work to you.

This is free for voice actors however it charges some percentage as a commission from customers.


4- Bodalgo.com

Bodalgo is another good company for voice acting jobs and has some well-known clients like Microsoft, Amazon, playboy, BMW, and Adidas.

It has more than 8000 registered voice actors and hires talent globally.

Just register and create an impressive profile and then search the posted jobs and submit your sample work. If you got selected then the client contacts you directly.

You have to set your rates yourself so no complaints related to the payment rates.

No registration or commission fee need to pay.

5- Filmless.com

This is 5th in our list to find the voice over acting jobs.

It seeks only experienced professionals.

This is a freelance company and not specific to voice acting so it provides other jobs too.  

It hires from worldwide and offers jobs in a variety of languages.


The above are the top 5 companies specific to voice over acting jobs.

Some other freelance websites are there which are not specific to voice acting but provides good opportunities for voice over work.

Some of these freelance websites are mentioned below.

  1. Fiverr.com
  2. Upwork.com
  3. Freelancer.com


The challenges in voice over acting 


As I said above, voice-over is an exciting career and opens the doors of many opportunities which brings fame and money both.

But, the challenges are many.

The first challenge is the competition due to the crowd of job seekers.

There is no guarantee that every deserving actor gets the work.

Some lucky actors get multiple projects at the same time while some unlucky actors keep waiting for their turn.

Due to the heavy competition among the job seekers, the clients would not able to reach most of the actor’s profile.

Since the posing of jobs by customers and selecting the right actors for the jobs is purely based on individual choice so it is not possible to have equal opportunity for everyone.

The second challenge is the scam in this industry.

If you are not new to this industry then you must have faced any type of fraud.

Due to the high competition, scammers are active to trap those actors who are desperate to show their talent.

Scammers post jobs and hire these actors for the job. They either ask guarantee money or money in some other form and disappear after getting the money from job seekers.

Another type of common fraud is the exploitation of the actors.

Not all clients who are posting the jobs are well-reputed. Since almost all the platforms are open for clients and actors so many of the customers take the benefit of it and use these platforms to make money.

Opportunist clients post the job and then hires the actors. On completion of the project and getting the all related files they deny to pay the actors for some silly reasons.

Tips for voice-over acting beginners


Below are some important tips which will help you to move your career in the right direction.

  1. You must have your own recording instruments and a small studio at home. Since in the beginning most of the work will be assigned online so the expectations of the client are that the actor should have all the required things to complete the work.
  2. Your profile should be impressive. When registering as an actor, it’s important to have an impressive profile. Write the experience and talent in detail. If you can speak more than one language then do mention in. You can see other top actor's profiles to know how to make a good profile.
  3. Make 5 different types of sample work videos. It is very important to have sample videos that show your capability in full aspects. Do not hesitate to upload multiple videos. In fact, these sample videos are the key to get the work. To be visible to the clients, try to upload 4 to 5 videos every week.
  4. Every voice is in demand. We all have a unique voice and each type of voice has its value. If your voice is heavy or anger flavor then try to get the work in that area.  If your voice is polite then target that type of work. Your sample work videos are a great source to know about your taste so make sample videos accordingly.
  5. The First 2 years can be disappointing. As a beginner, the chances are that you will either get no work or little work. The actors who are established in the industry today have the suggestion that the starting years can be very tough and some of the actors got their first chance after 2 years of struggle.




Hope you got it

I really hope you enjoyed my career guide for voice-over acting candidates.

I hope I was able to answer basic questions and give tips to start my career.

I would like to hear from you.


Do you still have some questions which I have missed?

Or want me to show your work.

In any case, let me know by a quick comment below.




Authored By Pankaj Lakhchaura

Work less, enjoy more.
Let’s have a good living and happy life.
Images used are taken from pixabay.com


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